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Important Information for Candidates Considering Applying for Opportunities Through MLAP

So you want to apply for au pairing or facilitating positions?  If you have never au paired previously, it's important you appreciate the nature of the position for which you are expressing interest.  Au pairing, like parenting and getting old is not for sissies and dealing with remedial and special needs kids takes extra special people!  It's important that you understand our expectations too of the candidates we place with familes.  Please read through the below - you will be tested!


  • Studying towards a qualification in Education, Psychology, Speech or Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Remedial / Special Needs courses of any sort
  • Such students who want to gain practical experience for their qualifications but who also want to experience the magic of working with children
  • Retirees in any of the above or other suitable fields
  • Be up to speed with the modern child.
  • Have an absolute passion and genuine love for children and their betterment in a one-on-one environment.
  • Be responsible, reliable, punctual and trustworthy
  • Be doing this for the right reasons


  • A valid SA Driver’s license.
  • Have their own reliable, roadworthy  transport.
  • Have no criminal record


  • You will be required to complete a First Aid course at your own expense if you do not have a current qualification.  You are welcome to make use of any service provider of your preference.  We have partnered with Survival CPR who run excellent First Aid courses run by paedeatric ICU nurses.  Survival CPR details can be found on our Training Information page



  • An au pair is not just a babysitter or a glorified transporter of children.  An au pair is an important part of a family’s life – particularly the child or children under their care.  Extra consideration needs to be given to the fact that the majority of our families have children with very different requirements.  Your levels of patience and understanding working with remedial and special needs kids will be challenged.  It therefore speaks for itself that we are not looking for "standard" au pairs but exceptional au pairs and facilitators.
  • You must be relied upon to take care of the children when the parents are not able to be there and to provide love, routine, stimulation and guidance.
  • An au pair position is not for someone looking to earn ‘easy’ money or find something to pass the time until a better offer comes along. It requires responsibility, reliability, patience, dedication and a genuine interest in child development.  Families expect a minimum of one year's committment if not longer from an au pair and this needs to be a serious consideration from your side.  Temp or short-term assignments do sometimes come up.
  • Parents are entrusting you with their children. This is a huge responsibility, and must be taken seriously.


  • Be punctual.  Always!!!!
  • To always act in a professional and reliable manner as well as adhering to time.  Some candidates assume that because they are employed in a home environment that tardiness is perfectly acceptable.  It is not!  Treat your role with the professionalism you would if you were in an office.  This is a real job!
  • Leave is to be taken as per Basic Conditions of Employment and only when it suits parents


  • Dressing appropriately for the role – no low cut tops or very short skirts/shorts.  Dress comfortably for a day of running around after children.


  • It is up to you to establish protocol with your family on emergencies as each family is unique.  Ensure that should such situations arise, you have the relevant information on hand and adhere to agreed procedure.
  • Check with parents that they are happy for you to keep a copy of the family medical aid card in your wallet
  • To ensure that all tasks are completed prior to handing over back to parent/s, particularly homework. In the event that for some reason homework has not been fully completed, you are to notify the parents of this.
  • In the event that any concerns are identified with your charge/s, to discuss directly with the parent/s immediately.
  • Never challenge parents’ decisions/choices even if you really don’t agree. 


  • Smokers are not permitted to smoke in the family’s home nor in their car.  We kindly request that smoking be kept to your personal time AND not in your car either (ask any non-smoker how awful it is being in a confined space where someone has been smoking).


  • To ensure that your vehicle is in good working order and serviced at the relevant intervals and that the interior is clean and tidy. 
  • The onus is on you to ensure that ALL seatbelts are in working order.
  • To ensure that your driver’s license is valid.  It is highly recommended that you consider securing a PDP license.
  • The onus is on you to ensure that you secure PUBLIC LIABILITY insurance through your personal insurer if using your own car.
  • To ensure that all children are buckled up while in transit in your care.
  • All children under the age of 13 years are to sit in the back seat.
  • To ensure that while transporting children you adhere strictly to the rules of the road and all speed limits.  Please also refrain from shouting/gesturing at other drivers
  • It is understood that you will have assessed transport costs to/from the family prior to accepting an offer of employment.  The cost of transport becoming a problematic factor during your appointment shows could negatively impact your continued employment as well as any further opportunities through Mother's Load Au Pairs.


  • Children are to be handed over by you in person when dropping them off for play dates, parties or any other function.  Ensure that you have the relevant contact information for the receiving parent/adult and that they have yours in case of any emergency.
  • Remember that you are being paid to look after and be with the children.  No personal arrangements are to be made during this time with your friends and family.
  • Please refrain from taking personal phone calls or attending to any cell phone chats/ social platforms while the children are in your care and absolutely no cell phone usage of any kind while driving with children in the car. 
  • You are being paid to take care of and engage in stimulating activities with the children.  Reading your latest book/kindle, catching up on your tablet while the children are busy with homework or extra mural activities is not appropriate.
  • Any leave requested is to be approved by parents and will only be granted if it is convenient to them.  Remember, you taking a days leave that does not suit the parents means that they have to make alternate arrangements at an additional cost when they have employed you for this very reason.  No leave is permitted to be taken in the first 3 months of your appointment.  Your employment contract is subject to the standard conditions of employment as laid out in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
  • Any difficulties being experienced in your personal life must not be allowed to impact on the children.  The family has enlisted your services, as they need help with their children.
  • Under no circumstances are you to subject the children to your religious or cultural views unless specifically requested or consented to by the parents.
  • The consumption of alcohol and/or any drug is not permitted during your working hours.
  • Under no circumstances are you permitted to take photos of your charge/s and upload them to Facebook, SMS them to any of your contacts or upload them to any other form of social media whatsoever.

At no time will our applicants be required to  pay registration fees on registering with Mother's Load.  If you are ever asked to pay a registration fee, do some further investigation on the agency as it is not considered ethical practice.