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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Kerryn Lawson

Wife, mother, sister, friend, day-dreamer, compulsive planner. After studying marketing management, and after 20 years in the public relations industry, I left to spend more time with my family, focusing on my kids and husband and assisting in the family business. Coming from a family with a very small support system, I have always been a little envious of parents who have ‘granny’ to take on the load with the kids. Those children seem happy and grounded. I am also amazed by some of the younger au pairs I see picking children up from school where for some – not all – it is just a job until the next best thing comes up. You can see it so clearly. I often wonder if they even like kids?
I also believe that some of our children have lost something along the way – good old fashioned fun and traditional values. Maybe we need to tap into the wisdom of the older generation to get this right again. And that’s why I believe Mother’s Load Au Pairs will fill that gap and provide much-needed support to parents, with some added extras that only a person who has had experience with children can add. 

Kim Raymond

I hate eggs!
I too am a mother and wife.  I had to have two children as I'm an only child and really missed not having a sibling.  In primary school, I was that kid that had to stay on at school until 5pm until my mom came to fetch me.  It was always between the Pistorius kids and myself as to who were the very last kids to leave school.  And we weren't exactly great mates either.  I remember the nuns used to take pity on us and give us Liquorice All Sorts (one up on eggs).  I would eat all the coloured bits and carefully secure the strips of liquorice in the inside pocket of my school blazer for my mom.  They gathered bits of fluff and grit until I could hand them over to her when she came to pick me up.  Can I just say that this was not punishment, in my eyes anyway, but because I knew liquorice was her favourite.
I was never the great academic but very happy with a racquet and ball and could get lost for hours trying to better my tennis record hitting the ball against a wall.  I recall nights of my poor mother desperately trying to get me to finish my reading, spelling, Maths, projects and whatever else was listed in my homework diary.  Sometimes with the desired result, sometimes not.  How my Maths fraction book stayed in tact, I am not sure, with the amount of times I threw it at a wall.
I was one of those kids who could have benefited with having an Au Pair to help me with my homework and to get myself together for the next day but the only family back in the 80's that we knew of that had Au Pairs was the Royal Family!  My mother could certainly have done with one.
After school, I tried my hand at University that was successful in areas other than obtaining my degree (I would have made a terrible Au Pair back then!) and then found myself back home not knowing what to do with my life.  I found myself in recruitment for financial and HR people and really loved the people aspect of the role.  I spent 15 years in that role until I too joined my husband in our family business working from home.  I actually missed recruitment and when this idea came about, I could only think "why not?”  And here we are!

Since we started our business has changed so much and what we offer is very different to when we first launched.  You could say that things were right there under our noses but it took client requests for assistance with their remedial / special needs families to realise that we had so much more to offer.  Both my daughters have been diagnosed as suffering from GAD (General Anxiety Disorder).  While a plaster can always be used to help with a bleeding wound (usually my finger when preparing dinner!), nothing can prepare you as a parent for dealing with something that a) you can't physically see and b) you can't rub or make better with a bowl of custard!  The therapy that is needed to try help your child make their way through life is expensive and intensive and there are times when you can't help but wander how you have aided and abetted their psychological condition.  You do what you can and what you feel is the right thing for your children.  It's a long road!