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Special Needs & Remedial Independent Schools - Gauteng Only
Amazing K, Sharonlea Randburg

We are a Specialist Independent Pre- and Primary School for children from age 24 months to Grade 2.  We specialise in helping children with Autism, ADD/ADHD, PDD, Aspergers as well as behaviour difficulties, speech and language delays and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Address:  Pre-school:  22 Paul Street Northwold, Randburg
Address:  Primary school:  201 Sterkbos Ave Sharonlea, Randburg
Tel:  011 793 4053 or 704 3390

Footprints Prepartory School, Malanshof, Randburg

An independent school that caters to children 5–18 years old with cerebral palsy, Asperger’s, autistic spectrum disorders and behavioural problems. They also accommodate the hearing impaired, those with severe speech impediments, the visually impaired, children with learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, severe epilepsy and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Address 24 Jan K Marais St, Malanshof, Randburg
Contact 011 791 0062, 083 457 7382
Japari, Parkview

Japari  is an independent preparatory day school, addressing all learning needs pupils may encounter during their academic career path.  Through small classes and personalised attention, we set a unique learning environment for all.
Address:  1 and 3 Dundalk Avenue (cr. Jan Smuts Avenue) Parkview, Johannesburg
Contact:  011 646 2132

Knights Preparatory School, Kensington B, Randburg

This independent school offers bridging classes for learners 6–14 years old (Grades R–7) who require extra attention, and enjoy the structure of a mainstream school. There is no set time for a child to be in bridging; some take 6–12 months while others stay up to Grade 7. Bridging classes are taught by experienced remedial therapists.

Address Milner Rd, Kensington B, Randburg
Contact 011 789 6778

Studio of Learning, Blairgowrie

An independent school for children from Grade R–7 with learning difficulties who need to be taught in ways that are tailored to their unique learning styles.

Address 223 Barkston Dr, Blairgowrie
Contact 011 326 4779

Bellavista School

This is an independent school for children from Grade R–7 who are experiencing specific or generalised learning difficulties, which prevent them from achieving success, or fitting into, a mainstream school. They also offer an in-depth educational assessment service.

Address 35 Wingfield Ave, Birdhaven
Contact 011 788 5454

Lead Kids Special Needs Preschool

An independent school that offers a holistic and nurturing environment for children 2,5–6 years old with special needs, including autistic spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorder, global developmental delay and speech-language delay. They focus on a small group-learning ratio of 1:4 and targeting specialised learning areas.

Address 53 13th St, Parkmore
Contact 079 021 7828

Baobab Learner Centre, Parktown North

Situated in Parktown North, Baobab Learner Centre serves high school children ages 13 to 21 with special needs and learning difficulties.  They provide an holistic and nurturing environment tailor made to suit the individual from a small home-based run school.

Barbara Hollman on 011 880-6313 or 072 739 7307

St. George's, Randpark Ridge

St. George's is an assisted learning centre for Grade 0 - 3 pupils, providing specialised educational support for learners with barriers to learning and assist in tutoring students who are home-schooled.  Situated in Randpark Ridge, their focus is on children who struggle to keep up within a conventional school environment.  Catering for children struggling with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, ODD etc, teaching takes place from a house in a small setting conducive to constructive individualised teaching.
Contact Pat Farndell on 082 435 4757 or

Unity College

This independent school is ideal for learners 3–23 years old who have experienced academic difficulties in a mainstream or remedial school, but are sufficiently able to benefit and adjust to this school’s specialised curriculum.

Address 59 Runnymead Ave, Chartwell North Estates, Chartwell
Contact 011 460 1672

Wandsworth School

Wandsworth school provides a specialised, stimulating and caring environment for children between the ages of 2 and 18 who have a variety of special needs.  We are in our 10th year of operation and are situated in Boskruin, Randburg.  We currently cater to the needs of children who have Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorders, various syndromes and multi-sensory impairments. We have an adapted Montessori Curriculum to meet each child’s needs and abilities.

Address:  197 Starling Avenue, Boskruin, 2188
Tel:  011 793-6310