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JDAC was established by two Psychologists who identified a need for more specialised assessment services for children and young adults.  Offering Concession & Accommodation, Cognitive, Griffiths Developmental, Psychoeducational and School Readiness assessments.
Juli is a qualified counselling psychologist who is passionate about psychological assessments and enjoys working with both children and adults.  Her areas of interest include psycho-educational assessment, career assessment, and study skills training.... read more
The Workshop Reading Centre is dedicated to assisting children with reading difficulties.  A psychometric evaluation asseses problem areas, reading level and the most appropriate course of remediation for your child.  Services offered include Dyslexia Screening testing, Cellfield reading treatment & one-on-one remediation.  A professional and caring team with the aim of rapidly closing your child's potential and his perforamnce with a strong emphasis on developing a positive outlook towards reading and boosting confidence.... read more
Magic Blox 4 Life’s purpose is to empower children and teens to unlock their potential and support them in  achieving their personal best.  The programme equips children, teens and adults with a strong emotional foundation as well as the skills and tools to lead positive, happy and mindful lives.  They connect with their identity and what they are feeling
Through building self-awareness, they learn effective communication and ways to deal with the many difficulties, that life sometimes delivers and which they may encounter on their life’s journey.
The programmes equip them with the skills and tools to overcome challenges in their lives as well as building self-confidence, social skills and self- awareness, improving relaxation and concentration skills, improving parent- child and teacher- child communication and behavioral skills to help self-regulate their emotions and responses.
The concepts and activities used throughout the Magic Blox 4 Life programmes provide opportunities for learning new and workable ways of relating, learning about themselves, their responses to situations, and how others respond to their behavior.
The key to the effectiveness of this material is that it can be adapted to suit any age group and therefore parents, teachers and children of all ages benefit and are able to apply these practical skills and tools into their lives on a continual regular basis.... read more