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Through personal experience and chatting to families who have a need for tutors, one of the most maddening things is that your specific requirements and special requests are overlooked and you are "issued" with the next available tutor who does not meet the needs of your child.

Based on these experiences and the feedback received, we conduct our tutor services as follows:

  • Once we have your request form in hand, we will contact you to discuss the specifics and get further information on your child so we can better understand their needs.
  • If we feel the need warrants it, we will set up a meeting with the family.
  • Only relevant candidate CV's are put forward
  • Interviews are set up at a mutually agreed time - you are NOT charged any form for this time spent with the tutor! You need to ensure that you are happy with YOUR choice of tutor.
  • Once you have selected your tutor, confirmation is sent through based on your hiring decision - limited or unlimited packages
  • Tutor starts on agreed date and at agreed times for duration of selected package or indefinitely
  • Familes are responsible for direct payment to the tutor - no hidden costs!
  • Invoicing conducted 25th each month.

We offer tutor services for both mainstream and remedial / special-needs students.

Adopting this approach, we have since the start of launching our tutors, had a 95% success rate with our tutor placements.

Our view on tutors is that the successful individual will not only be able to help with a particular problem but will tutor your child in such a way that they grasp the concepts in a way that they understand them.  In addition, the sign of a great tutor is someone who can help develop your child's study skills where they can continue to apply them once the tutor is no longer around. 

Three important things our children have taught us:

  1. All children do not learn the same way, even if they live under the same roof!
  2. Children switch their ears off when there's a disconnect with another person trying to get their point across (nagging is excluded from this point!)
  3. A child with little or no self-confidence will never perform to the best of their ability.